Which Way Is Out?

WWIO New(1)Which Way Is Out?
By Basil Dawkins
Directed by Jeffrey Anderson-Gunter

A visiting caucasian tourist to Jamaica meets, falls in love, and marries a young Jamaican girl. After much trials and tribulations with immigration in Jamaica, he finally brings her to the U.S. to the dismay of his family members. An accident leaves her alone and destitute in this new “Babylon” where she meets a bobo dread who helps to get her back on her feet, claim her rightful inheritance, and heads back home to Jamaica, a new citizen of the world, able to help others less fortunate, and watch those who were previously against her, get their “cummuppins”. A delightful dramedy/love story.

Opening May 3rd-Sunday May 26
Performances – Fri.-Sat. at 8pm & Sun. at 3pm
Address: Stage 52 – 5299 W. Washington Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90016
Admission: $25 general admission
$20 group and student discounts (w/ school ID)
*Groups of 10 or more
For reservations: (323) 960-7784